Ohio Excels Staff

Lisa A. Gray


Lisa A. Gray is the founding president of Ohio Excels.  Gray’s career has been dedicated to improving the educational outcomes of ALL of Ohio’s students. Prior to leading Ohio Excels, Gray had her own consulting practice… READ MORE

Kevin Duff

Director of Policy and Research

Kevin Duff is the Director of Policy and Research of Ohio Excels. He is committed to improving the lives of children by ensuring that all students, especially low-income students and student of color, have schools that prepare them for success. Before joining Ohio Excels… READ MORE

Erin Harper

Executive Assistant

Erin Harper is the Executive Assistant to the President of Ohio Excels. She brings over 10 years of experience and expertise in executive support and outreach and engagement of Ohio’s business and elected leaders. Erin provides administrative, communications and event planning support… READ MORE

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