About Ohio Excels

Our Vision

All Ohio students have access to and are supported to excel in early childhood, K-12 and postsecondary experiences that prepare them for life and success in a changing economy.

Our MissIon

To provide an informed business perspective to help improve and transform Ohio’s education system so that it better prepares students to meet the demands of our evolving economy.

Core Principles

  • EXPECT ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE. Education is a critical foundation for life success and our students deserve the opportunity to develop foundational skills and knowledge that will enable them to achieve in school, the workforce and life.
  • FOCUS ON STUDENTS. Student needs must be at the center of all policy and practice decisions.
  • USE DATA. Education decisions must be informed by data that honestly illuminate student, school and system performance. This data should help educators determine which educational practices are most effective for the students they serve.
  • STRENGTHEN IMPLEMENTATION. Leaders must create consistent, innovative policies and support crucial implementation challenges to ensure student success.
  • COORDINATE INVESTMENTS. The state should better coordinate all of its investments to serve students’ needs by identifying existing state resources, eliminating barriers and silos, and requiring state agency partnerships that meet the comprehensive needs of students.
  • OFFER QUALITY CHOICES. Families and students deserve the right to choose the school that best meets their students’ unique needs and have funding for that choice.
  • BUILD ON SUCCESS. Share examples of success and replicate the best educational practices, interventions and schools so that students have access to proven options at all levels of the education system.

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